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Audio Guest Book

Imagine the scene, your loved ones gather around one of our retro phones they pick up the receiver and hear a message from you prompting them to sharing anecdotes, funny stories, and heartfelt wishes all on through our interactive Audio Guest Book


From the grandparents story of your childhood adventures to friends recounting hilarious escapades, every voice message becomes a treasured keepsake of your special day that you can listen back to when ever you feel nostalgic and want to relive the memories

It is truly such a special way to capture the emotion of your day.

Book your audio book 

order your audio guest book via the booking link at the bottom of this page. Audio guest books are just £99, You'll also be required to pay a £100 security deposit thats refundable on return of the audio book and accessories. 


An audio book is shipped to you 

We'll deliver your audio book 3 days before your event, your audio book will arrive fully charged with a how to use plaque for your guests, a spare charging battery to keep it topped up (the internal battery last for 20 hours) and instructions on how to use the audio book and how to send it back to us.


set up and use your audio book

Record your greeting message, put your audio book out at your event for your guests to use and have fun with. 


Ship it back to us

package up your phone and accessories and send it back to us in the box we sent to you with the shipping label provided once we receive it back we'll edit the messages into a montage and send you a digital copy of the recordings

£99 audio guest book
Create memories with an audio guest book
“OMG best thing ever, we love the messages from our wedding.”

Amy Smith

Here's some examples of our audio guest book messages

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